How Lyvebyte Works

The purpose of lyvebyte is to listen for and receive event data. As soon as data begins streaming in, lyvebyte has builtin functionality to perform any configured tasks on the data. For example, performing calculations on values greater than a specific threshold. Perhaps dispatching a notification if a value is less than a specific threshold.

Any data streamed in is immediately available on any connected clients.

Strategic Partners

Headquartered in Seattle, KAASM is the premier Siemens channel partner that focuses on advanced software solutions. KAASM will help you select, test, install, and train you on technology solutions that will give you total control over your operational data. Their clients gain the real-time visibility needed to improve processes, reduce hardware, increase reliability and availability, and support sound business decisions.

KAASM Digital Factory Solutions has partnered with Lyvebyte to offer their customers unparalleled performance monitoring and downtime tracking. We are excited to be partnering with industry experts such as KAASM.

SCADA Integration

Lyvebyte has first class support for Siemens WinCC OA. Our lyvebyte objects for WinCC OA can communicate with a Siemens IoT gateway or directly to the cloud.


Lyvebyte is built on a serverless architecture in the cloud which means no servers to deploy and no infrastructure to maintain.


Our data collection platform provides real-time analytics of your data, streamed directly to your PC or mobile device, ensuring your data is up to date within milliseconds.


Lyvebyte is a "Platform as a Service" PaaS. This means that our cloud platform provides everything needed to process your data and provide meaningful, real-time KPI's.

Same Day

Lyvebyte can be up and running in one day. From the instant our platform receives your data, we begin furnishing valuable data, such as oee, performance, stop loss, downtime, etc.


Lyvebyte is built with an IoT first approach. This means our platform can integrate seamlessly with virtually any IoT platform or existing SCADA system on the market.


Lyvebyte runs on a secure cloud platform ensuring your data is always protected. Any communication from your facility to our platform is done over a secure https 256 bit encrypted connection.


Built from the ground up with an "IoT First" approach, Lyvebyte can integrate with virtually any IoT platform or SCADA system.


The Lyvebyte cloud and network architecture is designed for maximum reliability and uptime. Data is securely distributed across data centers.

Cost Effective

Built from the ground up with an "IoT First", Lyvebyte can integrate with virtually any IoT platform or SCADA system.